There won’t be any meaningful structure to this. Its a mindless rant.

I first joined the Labour Party when I was 16 (September 2018). Corbyn-mania was still in full swing. I joined because I saw the party as a vehicle for meaningful change in my country.

2019 didn’t bring meaningful…

Education is being failed.

The first time I can remember developing a political opinion of my very own was when I was sat on the rightmost table of the second row of room 147 of my secondary school. …

“End the Mellish experiment”

“Mellish is useless in midfield, how is he still starting?”

“We can’t go any longer with Mellish”

All tweets from September just gone.

You could make a hearty meal with all the egg on face here.

But to be fair, it would take Nostradamus levels of…

Image — Youri

Fans, and indeed clubs, from all around all love to boast of their club’s decorated pasts. whether this is Preston North End’s 1888/89 invincible season, or Nottingham Forest fans recalling of their tremendous success under Brian Clough. With such admiration for history amongst these clubs, it appears that there is…

Image — Pecasa

Firstly, a word of advice for Mr. Klopp — if you don’t want fixture congestion, play a team that can beat the side who are 16th in League One.

After Shrewsbury’s comeback against the European Champions to secure a replay at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp decided that he won’t be managing…

Image — Officially Mr X

Growing up I knew about Gretna for one main reason — The Cadbury shop. …

Image — Fuguito

The word “journeyman” gets banded about in football to describe people like Nicholas Anelka, who played for twelve different clubs, but that’s nothing compared to German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstiel, who played for twenty seven clubs during his career of twenty years.

Twenty. Seven. Clubs.

That’s not even the most impressive…

When you think of Hawaii, the first thing to come into your head is probably something like ugly floral shirts your dad would wear, tropical beaches and maybe a hula skirt here and there. Whatever you think of, it probably isn’t football.

In late November, however, that’s exactly why they…

Chris Beech? Who’s that? Was my first thought when I saw he was the man chosen as our new “Head Coach” replacing nice guy but awful manager Steven Pressley. Beech was the former number 2 at Rochdale, and was caretaker back in 2012. Rochdale fans were in the replies to…

Daniel Thomas

I used to write about sport here but now Its just random stuff

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