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2 min readMay 17, 2021


There won’t be any meaningful structure to this. Its a mindless rant.

I first joined the Labour Party when I was 16 (September 2018). Corbyn-mania was still in full swing. I joined because I saw the party as a vehicle for meaningful change in my country.

2019 didn’t bring meaningful change, in fact it proved to be a landslide for the status quo.

So, Corbyn’s gone. Who now?

There were two women standing in the sets of elections that captured my heart and my first preference. Lisa Nandy for leader and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan for deputy.

I’m Northern, and I’m proud of it. My county had 5 Labour MPs out of 6 in 2005. We’ve got 0 now. I trusted Lisa Nandy to win back Carlisle. She knew we had to listen to northern voters without branding them with the homogenous label of “red wall”

I gave what was a useless second preference to Keir Starmer because hey, he’s not a continuity Corbyn candidate.

I’m not proud of that second preference.

No vision, No Leadership. I didn’t want a continuity Corbyn but in my eyes he’s been worse.


Name a Labour national policy from the 2021 Elections, because I genuinely can’t. Apparently going to various pubs and talking about Boris’ curtains was destined to win us votes. It didn’t.


As I mentioned before I think the Labour Party is this country’s best shot at getting meaningful change for the good.

However, I think if the party can’t stand up for everyone, it ceases to be a movement for good, and I think it is clear that Keir Starmer’s Labour Party don’t stand up for the LGBT+ community.

Jesus House. Shabana Mahmood getting a promotion. LGBT+ Labour not being fit for purpose and hounding out one of their own. All diminish my trust in the party.

And then there’s Duffield.

Openly transphobic, zero reprecussions. I’ve had friends and people I admire greatly leave the party because of this, and I can’t blame them. if an LGBT+ person asked me if they should join labour, I’d struggle to wholeheartedly say yes. That is a problem for what should be the party for the people.



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